Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

My Budding Ornithologist

We bird watch fairly regularly in our back yard because if you watch hard enough and often enough every now and then you’ll see a goldfinch or a woodpecker.  It’s tricky, you see, because we don’t actually have any trees or anything and our yard is teeny tiny but it can be done.  So a few months ago when I heard about this urban birds study I signed up for it.  It took forever but our packet finally came and it’s pretty awesome!

We did our first ten minute observation this afternoon.  Easy peasy.  Ten minutes is just about the right length of time for quietly bird watching.  It was fun and as soon as we were done there were questions.  Lots of questions.  So we got out the field guide perused that for a while and the next thing I knew she was getting out materials for making bird drawings in the little house.  I love the little house.

I finished reading Fingersmith this afternoon.  I was so sick last night that I had to put it down before I got through the last 20 pages and was deeply concerned that it was too Thomas Hardy and, since I had read to a part where everything had worked itself out and was stable, I would pick it up in the morning and turn the page to find everyone dead.  It was ok though I survived the last 20 pages and pulled The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks down from the shelf so I can start on that next.  I read like crazy now.  We got rid or cable and the tv in our bedroom.  Amazing, right?  I don’t even miss it.  Well, except for when Ben was gone.  I missed it a little then.  But usually I don’t even miss it.

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