Thursday, July 7th, 2011

Doll 2

I worked on stuff over the weekend.  I took the sad bits of cloth that were lying around waiting to be Avery’s counterpart to Chase’s silver Rapunzel and finally finished it.  I like this one.  She’s soft and cuddly she is.  And I gave her brown hair.  Brown and kind of greenish but she’s not that picky… yet.  I drew the face on this time but it looks about as good as the 4-year old created version.  Oh, and I used a Sharpie.  A while back I participated in a craft stash swap and Mindy sent me a pack of fabric pens.  Brilliant!  I love them already!  Thanks to Kim for organizing that, totally fun.  

The dolls were fun to make and the girls played with them today
but who knows how they’ll do in this sea of stuffed animals and dolls tomorrow.  One is suddenly all about the more the merrier and the other is totally fixated on a plush Sleeping Beauty.

I really tried to get a good picture but, um, it was more complicated than I thought to get Avery to hold her doll up facing me.  She’d hold it up and look at it and that was the end of that. Oh! A doll!  What were we doing again?

Then after that I finally figured out what to do with that hex patch I made at that workshop a few months back.  Now Chase has a monogrammed camp bag instead of a Chase Bank freebie.  Not bad, huh?  And so I crossed to things off my list.  I’m working on crossing off a third too.  I just cut and started putting together a pillow case nightie from a vintage (looking?) pillow case that I picked up not too long ago.

It’s looking good so far.  I’m going to hand Chase’s down to Avery and set her up with this new one hopefully before we leave for the beach!  Chase is probably going to lose her mind over it.  I wasn’t planning to add any trim to it but I might have to go and look for a little something fancy so I can really sell it.

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