Saturday, July 9th, 2011

Finished :: Flower Girl Dress

Yay for me.  So it turns out if fits fine.  I was forgetting that I initially tried to squeeze it on her over the t shirt she was wearing.  So it’s fine but still the pattern runs incredible small because Avery is wee and she fits into the size 3 that I cut out.  By way of comparison, she can’t hold up a pair of RTW shorts in 24 months.

I really like it but it’s definitely not a nightie.  I’m not sure exactly what I was thinking when I picked this pattern.  Probably that I thought this was really cute (but apparently didn’t read the warning).  Out of sheer laziness I refused to do anything other than use the already hemmed pillowcase edge… what’s the point of using a pillowcase other than avoiding putting in a hem?  So I turned the ready made hem up, stitched, and then turned it down again.  I’m calling it a design feature.  Right?  I think so.

My goal was three dresses apiece this summer.  Two down, four to go.  I didn’t plan it like this but so far I’ve been woking with found materials.  There was this dress made out of an old tshirt and then this one that started out as a pillow case.  So I’m going off tomorrow to seek inspiration for my next project.

Also, it’s summer!  Hello first week of watermelon.  We ate more than half today.  With BLT’s and blueberry buckle.  This is an annual treat now (thanks, Erin!).  It requires an entire pint of blueberries so buy an extra.  Also use the pan that’s called for or at least a deep 8 or 9″ and not a bundt pan because.  Well, it just won’t work out quite right.  It will still taste good though.

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