Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011


It was nice to have a respite from the sun today.  We took a little break form being cooped up in the house to venture out to the library.  Sometimes you just need to press the reset button, go out and buy yourself a hot cup of tea.  And if that means you have to borrow a millionth copy of Rapunzel because you’ve never had that particular version with those particular illustrations before then so be it.  I have to admit though, the illustrations are nice.

After last month’s library debacle we’re keeping it simple.  ONE book.  Actually, I vowed never to go back again but that didn’t last long.  I can’t resist the siren song of new books.  I just can’t.  I hope that I’m still responsible enough to have a library card.  It’s worth it because I’m sure that our little expedition is the reason that our night ended on a high note.

We had a simple supper and now here’s hoping that bedtime goes smoothly because me and Ben have big dessert plans involving some overripe fruit.  Exciting, I know.

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