Saturday, August 6th, 2011

Party, Party, Party

Is literally what we did today.  We started with fresh muffins delivered to the door first thing this morning.  That’s kind of the best thing ever.  They were called donut muffins.  They’re ridiculously delicious and I think maybe dipped in butter to get the cinnamon sugar coating to stick.  So good.

From there we went straight from pj’s to party dresses, did the normal Saturday stuff, the market and things like that.  Followed that up with a little brunch and mimosas with squirmy babies at Gertrudes.  I had to stop Avery from trying to drink the ketchup at one point.  Which is why I don’t understand why she cared either way whether she washed it down with water or my blood orange soda.  Clearly she wants me to know that she has a sophisticated palate.

Whew, a quick power-up and we’re onto playdate number 2 and our guests come baring gifts from Afters.  Do I have the sweetest friends or what?  Macarons and pastries for us!  The pistachio and coconut macarons were divine.  So good.  Avery was all COO-KIE! COO-KIE!  And no amount of “all dones” or foisting of other snacks would distract her until our last party of the day where she found the chocolate cookie trifle and the popsicle.  I think that’s all she ate today.  Muffin, ketchup, cookie, cookie.  I believe Chase did her one better and had a single bite of chicken.  But I know it was worth it to spend my whole day among friends!  Tomorrow we try again.  You know, with actual food.

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