Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

Cowgirl Style, Cowgirl Attitude

I took all of these pictures of Chase picking flowers in the grass wearing these boots she picked out but later, after all the playing was over, I took some other ones.  And I think they might be more revealing of the truth.  That girl is, um, spunky.  4 going on 14.  The kind of sweet little girl who says things like “relax, I’m going right now!” when prompted to do something for a second, third or FOURTH time.  She’s full of cowgirl spirit.

I think that those boots and that spirit are going to be my inspiration for a back to school dress.  I have some lovely fabrics from Moda and this too.  I finally got down to G Street with my Living Social voucher in tow.  It doesn’t take long to spend 50 bucks at the fabric store I tell ya.  I still *might* need a little gingham in a nice grey or some other neutral.  Looks like it’s going to be the fall of prairie chic.

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