Friday, August 26th, 2011

I’m Talking To You

So I’m still kind of reeling.  Maybe that sounds overly dramatic.  I posted a clip of Avery yelling at Chase to wake up last night on Facebook and have probably listened to it 10 times since then.  What’s the big deal?  I can’t put my finger on it exactly.  Avery’s been talking for a while.  Cookie, no, stop, all the usual suspects.  But I’m sitting here last night and all of a sudden there’s an unfamiliar voice coming through the monitor.  Talking, not crying.  

Apparently “wake up” was also the first thing she said this morning.  What?  And every now and then throughout the day I would notice that something is different.  It might be that she’s playing around with inflection.  It just seems that all of a sudden I can hear her voice and I’m a little taken aback.  Such a big girl.

I’m also starting to notice all of her likes and dislikes.  Maybe it’s all of her new words suffused with meaning!  Chase was never into her play kitchen.  Does Avery just like it because we have it in a more central location now or is it a personality thing?  Avery loves Thomas.  Chase barely played with her trains at all.  Thomas on Netflix will be my ace in the hole for hurriquake weekend.  We picked out Shrek 2 at the library but Avery lobbied hard for Thomas.  She was all, wait, there are Thomas DVD’s??  Why didn’t you tell me?

We’re soaking in our tv watching tonight watching Breaking Bad.  We’re both sucked in AND have all three seasons that are currently available.  Ha!  I finished two projects that I’ve been working on today so I think that I deserve a little treat.  Then onto gearing up for the school year.  Did I tell you?  I’m back in the saddle.

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