Saturday, August 27th, 2011

Spy Cam

Ben wanted to get out of the house today before the rain started and found himself wandering around in Target.  He came home with a little Polaroid point and shoot and a tabletop tripod.  We’ve been kicking around the idea of a smaller camera for a while and if you’ve seen my shove my Nikon into my purse you’ve probably already wondered why we don’t have one.

The Polaroid quickly proved itself inadequate so he ventured back out but this time to Service Photo.  So now we have a sweet Nikon Coolpix 3100 spy cam.  Maybe hot pink isn’t the color for undertaking covert ops but the girls were very impressed.  Also I wonder if now Ben understands how this kind of “I’m just going to get out of the house for a while” thing happens.  You know, where you go out for five minutes and come back with five bags?  Yeah.  Anyway, we set up the tripod and let the girls have at it.  They set up a little photo shoot for Strawberry shortcake.  They gave her a bath and everything.  Here’s what I found on the camera:

We’re battening down the hatches around these parts. Stay dry everyone there’s a hurricane a comin’ er, I mean a here.

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