Friday, September 9th, 2011

This Week

This was a big week for everyone.  Even though we worked hard in our classrooms last week getting ready and putting the finishing touches on things this was our first week back with kids.  And for most of our little guys this is their first experience being away from home in a school setting.  But the week was so good.  So, so good.  

This week little bodies were very busy working, exploring and making friends.  This week we explored the new classroom and new materials like the water table and playdough.

We extended the water play activity to allow more children to participate at the same time and to try to engage them with an activity geared to their interests.

That was a big guess not having met anyone yet but I thought that water, babies and animals would cover a good sized chunk of friends.  We set up basins to bathe the babies and animals with washcloths and squirt and spray bottles with soapy water.  I think that everyone had fun!  The kids are also loving music and B’s guitar.  We even managed to spend time on the playground in spite of all the rain.

Next week, we’re planning to turn the water table into a sensory table and I’m hoping that we can use some of that material for filling shakers for singing and dancing.

Welcome to pre school!


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