Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Why Yes, You Can Paint

Water colors are still my go to.  Whenever I say no to “can we paint?”  I take it back, say sure and pull out the watercolors.  They’re virtually mess free.  I only give them a tiny cup of water and they still come out with lovely clean colors and really great work.  How could I say no?  Keep your eyes peeled.  This is the time of year when water color sets go on clearance.  We started with a Crayola set.  A dollar is totally worth it at least to see if it works for you.  From there we added on more exciting sets with more colors.  More colors are definitely more fun!  We’ve even picked them up at The Book Thing.  Also, Target has all of their construction paper on clearance right now.  I stocked up on one pack of every variety.  Multi-color, large white and small and large manilla.  The bigger paper is a little more expensive.  I think the small packes are 50 sheets for a dollar and the big ones are a buck and  a half.  Happy stocking.  We’re all good on paper now to replenish my supply of trims…

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