Wednesday, October 12th, 2011


It’s finally here.  And not a moment too soon because pretty much all of my summer clothes were too trashed to even go in the donation box.  First is was COLD then it was warm again but it seems to be evening out at a reasonable coolish in the morning and warmish in the afternoon.  I can dig it.

The only problem now that the leaves are falling is that it takes us about 20 minutes to make the block and a half walk to school.  The sidewalks are littered with leaves and acorns.  My house is overrun with acorns.  Every pocket, pouch, jar and bowl is full of acorns.  I asked Chase what her plans were for them.  Why acorn crafts of course!  I thought about poking around a little to figure out what kinds of crafts you can do with acorns.  You know, short of massaging the nuts with tung oil that is (Did you ever see that Martha clip?  Hilarious).  But before I could get to that she came up with her own project.  Acorn heads.  I’m thinking maybe they need some clothespin bodies.

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