Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Raw Materials

So here’s what I’m working with.  The nightie is made by Vanity Fair out of something called Snugallure.  “Silky on the outside warm on the inside.”  It was brand new with the tags on and so I felt vaguely bad about not using it for its intended purpose.  It boasts DuPont’s anti-static Antron III after all.

Chase is thrilled to wear it with no modifications at all so I hope she’s excited to see it all princessed up.  The color is pretty spot on Cinderella.  So far, I’ve added a few rows of shirring to create a waist and to poof up the arms and I’ve taken it in at the shoulder seams.  Oh, and lopped 8″ off at the bottom.

I’m excited to get through ‘phase I’ and to move into ‘phase II’ the underskirt.  I’m so glad that I decided to go this route I’m having so much fun.  I loved hearing about all of your plans too!

I kinda maybe need to think about a costume for myself if I don’t burn out on this one.  Thoughts?

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