Saturday, October 29th, 2011

Ceramics Class

I worry all the time that my kids aren’t getting enough exposure, enough enrichment.  I want to strike a balance between having enough time to play and explore freely and being able to explore and develop a personal skill or interest.  When is the right time to really start to pursue that?  We start and stop a lot of things.  I haven’t exactly figured it out yet.  But I was thrilled to have the chance to sign up for a ceramics class with a teacher I knew that both of us liked to work with (and that isn’t too expensive!).

They worked on making a wall pocket to put secret special treasures in.  We don’t have any of those.  Whatever will we do with something like that?  First they examined the materials, then each child worked on imprinting their slabs with a design.  Natalie helped them assemble their work and then they glazed their little hearts out.  It was warm and cozy in the art room.  Ceramics with friends is a great way to spend a rainy Saturday morning.  I can’t wait to see what they work on next week.

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