Monday, October 31st, 2011

Happy Halloween

Man.  That was intense.  I don’t know how many straight hours of partying that was but my feet seem to.  There was a party at school, a little dinner that has become something of a Halloween tradition (who are these tiny children?) and then, of course, the main event.  Wow, I’m pooped but it was great.  Halloween is quickly becoming my favorite holiday.  Plus we got great weather and you know what?  Not a single costume complaint.  I think we were all very pleased.

It didn’t take Avery long to catch on to the idea though she was pretty slow moving in her giant spherical costume.  She wouldn’t be hurried she insisted at stopping at every house.  By the time we got back to our block her bucket was so heavy that she was limping along with it banging against her leg and complaining about “heavy!” But would she let me help her?  No, she most certainly would not.  She did it all by herself.  Was the great pumpkin good to you?

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