Friday, November 11th, 2011

Catching Up

So I’ve barely been around.  Mostly because for the last several weeks I’ve either been sleeping or puking.  What? I know!  I’m just about through my first trimester with baby 3 due May 22!  Whew, I’ve been sitting on that one for a long time.  I suspect that this won’t be news anymore to anyone reading here but there it is.  I said it.

So what have we been doing?  I’ve been reading.  I’ve been reading in bed ever since we got rid of the tv in our room that was fighting for my attention.  It took a while to warm up but I’m ripping through books now and I’ve read some good ones.  The last three off the top of my head were Private Life, Comfort Me With Apples and Plainsong.  I recommend all of them.  Private Life was probably my favorite.  Historical fiction with plenty of character development and the tiniest bit of suspense.

I’ve been buying up craft supplies at the thrift store.  The day after Halloween, like the very next day I started thinking about Christmas.  We may or may not have gone to Jo-Anns for paint and come back with a bag full of Christmas nonsense including a tiny tinsel tree and a silicone pan in the shape of a gingerbread man.  Meanwhile the girls are working hard on their ornaments.  When the wooden ones are all painted Chase wants to make more borax crystal snowflakes.  Sounds like a plan.  We totally baked gingersnaps and and enjoyed them with some herbal tea today after school and it was awesome and cozy even if the kitchen was (and is perpetually) a mess.  I’m loving the season.

I haven’t been watching too much because I like to fall asleep in front of the tv and I haven’t been creating much since the Halloween crunch.  But hopefully with the fog of the last weeks lifting I’ll start working on something.  Anything.

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