Friday, November 25th, 2011

Works In Progress

The trees are up!  That’s right, the trees.  This year there are three.  There’s still one in the basement… but no.  I have to exhibit some willpower and, you know, remember what’s it’s like taking it all back down again.  Not a single one of them is done.  They all need tweaking.  As soon as you start taking pictures you can see how crooked and unevenly decorated they are.  

But generally I like this one.  I’ve always wanted a tinsel tree!  Some of the ornaments are scavenged but the glass balls are from Trohv (well, except for the little blue one).  I wish that the hooks weren’t quite so prominent… maybe I need to switch them out for string or filament.  And maybe they’re a little big but I like the way they stand out against the white.  They’d be lost on the big tree.  The little deer family came in a jar with the other found ornaments.  I love them.

The big tree is fun too.  We drove way up in the county to cut our own tree but ended up buying a pre-cut tree.  On a scale of 1-10 our tree buying experience was a 2 but I give bonus points for letting us feed the alpacas and the homemade cookies and cocoa that we enjoyed by the pond and because the family there was just generally nice.  In any event, we have a tree and it’s mostly decorated too but, again, totally crooked and lopsided.

The third tree I left up to the girls.  They took it upstairs to set it up and worked on it for a while.  When I finally went to check on them I found the Charlie Brownest of Charlie Brown Christmas trees.  They let me help a little and then the two of them posed for many, many pictures.  This year we didn’t put any lights on it.  I learned that lesson the hard way.

This is by far the earliest we’ve ever put up our tree.  This is also the first year that we put up a real tree.  I can’t believe how hard it was to convince that girl that it wouldn’t bee too poke-y and that she would be able to resist climbing it.  She’s a silly one.  When does your tree go up?


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