Saturday, November 26th, 2011


Was delicious!  This is my first experience with a silicone pan.  Let’s assume for a moment that silicone pans don’t leach anything terrible while you’re baking in it (I’m afraid to look it up).  That being the case, it was fun and easy to bake with.  The cake released perfectly though I did still spray the pan before putting the batter in because I was worried.  I think I’ll skip this step next time and see if it still comes out just as nicely.

The girls loved making this cake.  We used the gingerbread recipe from BHG.  Though we used an extra large egg, robust molasses instead of regular and butter instead of shortening.  The cake is moist and great to eat just like it is.  Or you can enjoy it with a cup of manradin spice herbal tea like I’m doing right now.  So good.  I’ve been unsatisfied with all of the many tea offerings in this house lately.  None of my old standbys are any good anymore.  So after drinking an entire box of the mandarin spice tea at my neighbor’s house I finally got it together and bought some.  It’s perfect, perfect I tell you.

I did a lot of cooking today.  I love soup.  It keeps me from going out for lunch everyday and makes a good snack too.  I bought mushrooms at the farmer’s market and made cream of mushroom soup from a Cooking Light recipe.  Except I subbed marsala for dry sherry because sherry is expensive.  I didn’t use it in exactly the same way because I wasn’t sure how the flavor would be altered.  But the sherry was far more expensive than someone who can’t enjoy it outside of a recipe is willing to spend.  The soup was still good in spite of all of my improvisations.  I used dried shiitakes in place of fresh ones and then used the water that I reconstituted them in in place of chicken stock.  I liked it but I’m curious about how the sherry would make it different.

For dinner we had chicken and dumplings that was delicious… except for the inedibly tough chicken but that was maybe my fault.   I thought I’d get all clever and thrifty with a stewing chicken but, well, you have to really stew a stewing chicken to get it to falling off the bone.  Wow.  The broth and the dumplings were great though and Chase ate it all without complaining.  I mean without complaining during the eating.  There was complaining before the eating about how she could never, ever like something like that but she did and she ate the chicken too.  So I put the chicken in the crock pot and I’ll let it go a little longer to see if I can salvage something but I think it’s a loss.  I can’t see it getting any better.  That was some tough chicken.

Yesterday I made mac and cheese so we’re full into winter weather foods.  I even have some new cookbook inspiration so I should be in good shape for a little while yet.  If you have a favorite soup recipe I want to hear about it.

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