Friday, December 2nd, 2011

Book Report:: The Little Prince

We started reading The Little Prince.  When I searched around for it online it looks like there are two or three translations the most recent of which gets a lot of criticism.  We picked up our copy at The Book Thing and so I can only assume that we have one of the older translations but maybe I’ll check tomorrow.  One day Chase pulled it off the shelf and so, even though it would probably be better in another year or two, we started reading.  

We’re only a couple of chapters in but are already very much enjoying it and it inspired this drawing which is, of course, a picture of a snake that’s mad at a hat and a hat inside a snake.  The lemonade is to wash the hat down.  How thoughtful.  See how he’s skinny and then full of hat?  You can see she really thought about this one.

So we’ll keep reading.  One chapter a night and see what happens.

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