Sunday, December 11th, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby

So we did it!  With a lot of help I pulled off the Care Bear Fiesta.  It was all hands on deck but my little one was over the moon happy with her party.  Over the moon.  We threw a Care Bear fiesta because Avery loves a few things passionately, Care Bears, beans, and guacamole.

So we made Care Bear shirts.  That was tricky because you need a really hot iron to get the Heat n’ Bond to work and it’s hard to concentrate enough to work a really hot iron at a birthday party.  I’m also not sure it was worth it since Avery had me rip the “belly” part of the shirt off some time before the party ended but they were cute while they lasted.

We wore Care Bear shirts and ate Trader Joe’s mini tacos to the tunes from my Elvis Crespo Pandora station.   I made a pot of black beans from Rick Bayless’ Authentic Mexican and the Queso Fundido from the same book too.  I can’t seem to find those recipes online anywhere.  Actually, they were hardly recipes at all.  There were very few ingredients in both of them.  We had a great big platter of fruit too arranged like a rainbow.  I used this giant white ironstone platter that I found somewhere.  Have you ever felt ironstone?  It’s not just a clever name.

I made the cake too.  Cakes are so stressful.  Seriously, next time I’m using cake mix.  You can’t love a cake that stresses you out.  So even if it was totally fabulous and delicious I would still have terrible things to say about it.  I will say, that it looked perfectly homemade and Avery was thrilled with it.  Professional cake maker, however, I am not.  I practically got carpel tunnel squeezing the colored icing out of the tubes.  It was so hard.  So hard.  And I won’t even get into how hard it is to find Rainbow Airheads.

While I was working on the cake I had lots of help decorating.  The concept was “rainbow” streamers and white “cloud” balloons.  There were some rainbow balloons on the table with her Care Bear friends.  Coloring pages that I meant to send home but are probably still in the dining room somewhere and rainbow crayons that were REALLY hard to color with.  I have never been successful making recycled crayons.  What am I doing wrong??

The drink dispensers worked!  We had a beverage station!  But I’m glad that Ben was around to help with engineering snafus.  They’re made to work with carbonated beverages so we had to modify the bottles a little bit to make them work properly.  They’re super fun and I think they’ll be making another appearance in short order.

Overall, it was a really fun party!  The first 30 minutes were stressful but once all the shirts were done and everybody had a little food (mainly me) and we started games and the pinata I had a lot of fun too!  It’s a good thing, I guess, since I’ll be doing it all over again in three weeks but this time it will be Strawberry Shortcake style.


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