Sunday, December 18th, 2011


When did we get down to the week before Christmas?  Seriously, when??  I’m so behind.  I am not at all prepared.  But we did a little shopping today and a little baking too.

Chase continues to prove herself to be a great helper in the kitchen.  Great.  It’s amazing.  She rolled all of the pfeffernusse  in sugar and thumbprinted all of the strassburgs.  Which is what we call them but apparently they’re really called strassburgers and you can use the recipe to make spritz cookies.  Who knew.

I even started sewing last night so I’ll get a few things done yet.  Maybe not the whole list.  Actually, the problem is mostly that I never made a list in the first place.  All the same, I made Chase a much needed pair of pj pants last night and made her a cute little dress from this book.

My big plans for the week include figuring out where we stand with Christmas presents, an ultrasound, some more cookies, and making fried doughnuts for dinner.  What are your last minute plans?


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