Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

Brave and Festive

You guys are so on top of your Christmas game.  Ben and I are both not functioning at 100%.  I was feeling really bad about myself and then he told me that he walked to the train station because he thought his car wouldn’t start only to find out later that it was user error.  He walked!  And he couldn’t even find his gloves (also user error).  So we’re both in pretty bad shape but we press on.  I’m even still making stuff.

I got the idea for table cloth to tree skirt on Pinterest and on my third(!) try I finally found exactly the right table cloth to use.  It’s super simple to do.  You just cut halfway through the circle and then cut a little tree trunk sized circle out of the very middle.  I finished the cut edge with some red bias tape and a hook and eye or two.  I love how it turned out.

It’s just dumb luck that I found this one.  It’s linen with a nice red trim around the edge.  Festive without screaming Christmas.  It might have some poinsettias on it or they might just be red flowers.  Either way it’s the nicest tree skirt we’ve ever had and even with all of the reject table cloths that I bought it only cost five or six bucks.

That first one is the best picture I could get of Avery though she was happy to pose.  She’s being brave and festive but she looks pretty miserable in all of the pictures.  She’s better today though it’s still not clear where all of this is going.  I hope Chase can make it to her pizza party tomorrow.

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