Thursday, December 29th, 2011

Just A Thought

Today I listened to most of a segment on the Diane Rehm Show with the author of Cinderella Ate My Daughter.  I’ve fallen way off the Disney wagon slowly but surely.  I have been broken down.  Broken.  Anyway, I liked listening to the show and what particularly resonated with me was the point that it’s not princess it’s not even Disney so much as the commercialization and sexualization of girls that goes along with it.

This is probably oversimplifying it but basically part of what the author doesn’t like is that somehow being a strong independent woman has come to be tied together with shopping.  I think she references Sex and the City here and goes on to point out that mother-daughter bonding is often tied to shopping and how we often show love and affection by buying gifts.  Whatever.  I don’t know where I am on that.  I sure do buy a lot of things.  But I liked that the author admitted that she doesn’t have it all figured out.  That she is just a fellow traveler on this journey.  It gave me pause and it inspired me a little because I did think of something I could do.  I came up with an idea for a project.

Wouldn’t be awesome if I could whip up the equivalent of one of those cheapy princess dresses from Target?  But really easy like?  AND wouldn’t it be awesome if I could customize it really easily too?  Like with lacing up the front or an overskirt?  I think that would be awesome.  Especially if you could work out the plans together and then find materials to use around the house.  Old clothes.  Stuff like that.  Then I could still encourage all the imaginative creative princess play without it all being stamped with Disney and maybe spark some creative juices at the same time.

I’ll never work on it but in the meantime I think I’ll read the book.  Have you read it or did you hear the interview?  I’d like to hear your thoughts on it.

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