Monday, January 9th, 2012

Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party!!

Phew, we did it.  We made it through the birthday, holiday, holiday, birthday, birthday, holiday, birthday (club) sandwich.  Holy cow.  We’ve been going since October.  I’m thinking that a May baby will be just dandy.  
But about the party.  There’s not much out there on the subject of Strawberry Shortcake birthday parties.  You can buy cups, plates and balloons but that’s about it.  Nothing spectacular but plenty expensive.  So I set out to see what I could come up with.  I think that part’s half the fun.
I built the whole party on a sheet of 1″ images of (old school) Strawberry from the internet (thanks Dan!)  They were the seal on the treat bags, place cards and they made up the choices for the bottle cap necklace craft project.

Chase always asks to buy fresh flowers at the grocery store and most of the time I tell her no so I bought these primroses for her party 3/$5 at Giant.  The baskets we had around the house.

We decorated the dining room with pink, white, red and green balloons and streamers.  Over the table I tied four red balloons together and added construction paper leaves to the top to make them look like strawberries.

I couldn’t find any leftover balloons earlier this week when we started to work on the pinata so I picked up a pack at the dollar store.  Yeah.  I won’t be doing that again.  Seriously, how do you make a bad balloon?

Speaking of the pinata, I wrote all about it and you can find it over at Katie’s blog A Childhood List.  Me and Chase worked on it together.  It was way more fun to make a pinata than I thought it would be.  And when you start telling your friends that you made a pinata all of a sudden you start to hear all kinds of stories.  Death star pinata anyone?  I think we need to step up our game.

Treats for filling the pinata, treat bags and snacks came from an Asian market (Asia Food on York Road.) Strawberry gummies, pocky, strawberry wafer cookies stuff like that.  And strawberries of course.  Who am I kidding, I should say and Pirate Booty of course.

I found the oil cloth table cloth at the thrift store but it’s for a small round table so I put it over a disposable white cloth.  The drinks were the hug rejects from Avery’s rainbow party that we smartened up with some Martha Stewart beverage labels that I found.  They’re on Clearance right now at Michaels but if I had a good color printer I could have probably made them at home.

We played a few games including “pin the strawberry in the wheelbarrow.”  Next year we’ll need more games and next year I’ll remember not to say the word “win.”  Also there’s really no point after that word starts to leave your moth at which you can stop saying it before it’s too late.

Finally, the cake!  I didn’t mess around
this year.  I just used a cake mix.  I baked the cake in a bowl and then sunk Strawberry into the middle so that the cake looked like her skirt.  The shape looks all wrong in the pictures but she was plenty pleased with my creation and I thought it looked dress-like enough.

When I was a kid this is how we made strawberry shortcake.  With lemon cake mix, whipped cream and strawberries.  Do you have any idea though, how hard it is to find lemon cake mix?  At Giant there were about 4 cake mix choices in what used to be the cake mix aisle but is now, apparently, the brownie mix aisle.  Safeway had more selection.  The best theory advanced so far is that people aren’t even baking from cake mixes any more in favor of just buying pre-made cakes outright.  I needed the mix though.  I wasn’t up for baking a cake from scratch AND trying to figure out timing for baking in a bowl.  I was having flashbacks of this incident you might remember.

Overall, in spite of a little whining (mine and hers) it was a great day.  The doll in the cake didn’t catch on fire and it was nice to have family here helping to get ready and I know that Chase felt extra special.  How could she not?


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