Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Big Girls

So we’re starting to think about transitioning Avery into a big girl bed.  We thought she might be ready, you know?  Chase was wanting bunk beds for a long, long time.  Then the long weekend presented itself and it seemed like a good a time as any to assemble stuff.  Two trips to IKEA later and we had a brand new loft bed.  The first trip was mostly about meatball eating.  The second trip was for supplies.

The loft seemed like a good compromise because I like the space saving abilities of the bunk but love the look of the Minnen (holy crap do they not make it anymore?!).  Now I have both.  Both and a crib.  Turns out Avery is really not even a little bit interested in being out of her crib.  I’m just a teensy bit worried that we’ll end up having to buy another crib but… I’m not going to get all worked up over it.  Yet.  Of course when I say that I’m not going to get worked up over it yet that means I’ll only mention is to you two or three times.  I’ll still be able to talk about other things after that.

I like the way it’s working in the room.  Now there’s a little cubby under the loft and beside Avery’s bed.  You can build a fort there or just sit in there and feel cozy.  I let both girls pick out a light for beside their bed.  A little lighting for atmosphere.  The room has kind of taken on a shabby chic life of its own.  I guess it’s my alternative to pink princess.  It says big girl room to me but not too big.  I guess that was the direction I was leaning. I finally went back and checked my Pinterest Board and lo and behold.  What we ended up with is not that far off.

There’s still plenty of room to play but once the crib is out it will really open up a lot of space.  I’ve been hanging things and trying to personalize their space a little.

I need to find a new spot for the bulletin board and a few other things and Avery needs a few more little bits.  Maybe when I find just the right one she’ll be ready to move over?  I’d better start looking.  It was really hard to take pictures.  I took a bunch of pictures in low light yesterday and you couldn’t see any colors but I think that they look as cozy as the space feels.  It’s still a work in progress.

I think that if Avery doesn’t want to sleep there I might.  Wait, and did I mention that Chase is so happy that she makes her bed every day?  How long will that last?




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