Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Happy Dragon

Chase made this is art class this week.  I love it.  The dragon face makes me smile.  So, I hung it near the door so we see it when we walk in the house.  If only I had half a brain I would have taken her downtown today for the Chinese New Year Celebration.

We got an inch of snow overnight.  Not enough to play in but enough to deter me from going out.  For a little while at least.  We eventually ventured out late this afternoon and did a little shopping.  I learned that Chase has no concept of how tiny a newborn baby is.  No concept at all.  Everything she picked up was big enough to fit Avery.  I showed her some more appropriately sized clothes.  She picked out a few little things.  Anything with strawberries on it.  Very cute.

We made pumpkin muffins today not because I like them but because Chase has been requesting them for, I don’t know, a month or more.  I don’t care for them but the children seem to like them and it’s probably better that way since I ate this entire loaf/cake.  I made it with the syrup but without the glaze and then… I ate the whole thing.  There’s not much else to say about that.

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