Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Dear Easter Bunny

We’re burning through these little art project books lately.  Which is fine with me.  The stack could use a little culling.

But I like this one.  It’s easy to do, creates a great looking finished product and requires almost no supervision.  All I did was look over the instructions and send her off for supplies.  After that you just cut random circles and ovals out of construction paper and arrange them to form flowers with a glue stick.  They can be all different sizes and completely imperfect.  You cut some in half and leave some whole for a little variation.

Did I need to see that in a book to come up with it?  Apparently. But it’s cool because it reminds me of My Heart Is Like a Zoo.  Also, quite inexplicably except that I saw it on Pinterest, it made me wantee for this book too.  I’ll be good though and keep my eyes peeled at The Book Thing.

When she was done she wrote a note.  Love.  Just don’t ask me why she’s writing Easter notes in January.

Also, there were cookies after school.  But it *was* raining.

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