Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Paper Dolls Still

I thought for a while she’d moved on but, no, she was just taking a break.  The girls are back.  She was so excited to show these to me when I picked her up today that she made me look at them in the hallway at school.  Somebody else drew these and she colored them in. 

What she can crank out even when she’s tired and cranky is kind of amazing.  She also, among other projects, decorated 10 paper Easter eggs (again, with the eggs, I know) for a game we’ll try tomorrow.  She decorated one of the eggs with a person in profile.  She explained to me why I could only see one of his eyes.  I find that abstraction amazing.  It’s as if she’s saying Bam, I’m FIVE!

Avery had a good day too.  Yesterday, I cut the top off of our giant bottle of honey because it’s crystalizing and why I didn’t think that I’d find Avery standing over it later with a spoon but I didn’t.  That’s where I found her and she smiled up at me and said, very simply, “honey?”

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