Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Thomas Rides Again

Thanks for sending me all of your good information and advice on binding books.  I ended up using this tutorial and found it easy and straightforward.  I started with the fabric wings step and moved through to the end papers over the course of two days.  I used white glue and so far so good.  The cover seems to be holding up.  It can be done!  Sorry for the lousy pictures.
I bet it’s the only Thomas book with a butterfly cover.  Not a lot of selection in the trains theme department around here.  I even found fancy paper for the end papers.  Dollhouse wallpaper from that dollhouse… that never got wallpapered oh, about 20 years ago… maybe more.  Throw stuff away?  Why would I do that? I might need it 20 years from now.

Maybe one day I’ll find a Thomas patch or something and iron it on to the front.  It’s pretty easy to identify though.  It’s the only book my kids have that’s about as big as a phone book.

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