Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Happy Friday

We’re lucky to live in a neighborhood with lots of good food options but every now and then, particularly now at 23 weeks, I get Ben to drive me around looking for something a little different.  Most of the time we end up in Fells or Harbor East.  I like hanging out by the water.  And I like Pitango Gelato.  I freaking love it.  

Ben had two Harps with dinner but I didn’t care.  I felt like I had two Harps after a couple of scoops of vanilla gelato and passion fruit sorbet.  I picked chocolate chocolate chip, vanilla chocolate chip, vanilla and passion fruit packed in that order.  I’m all stocked up.

Us girls declared it the best ice cream ever while Ben said it was just ok.  Maybe he upgraded that to pretty good eventually.  He’s funny about ice cream.  Ok, we’re both funny about ice cream.  I don’t really like it so this is a big deal for me.  He really likes it so he’s happy even if it isn’t over the top delicious.  He doesn’t want to pay top dollar for ice cream but ask him about the sandwiches from Dean & Deluca.  He can talk about those.

We’re gearing up for the weekend.  I signed Chase up this afternoon for an acting class that starts tomorrow.  We’re going to harness that flair for the dramatic.  I’m calling it operation enhance fake crying.  She is very excited.  She keeps telling her dad that she has “things” to do tomorrow AND she picked out what she’s going to wear before she went to bed.

Speaking of going to bed, that’s where I’m headed too.  And I’m kind of excited about it because I’m FINALLY done with Heat.  I don’t know why people loved this book. It was neither funny nor particularly interesting.  He just never managed to make me care about why he cares about food.  I felt relieved when I turned the last page.  On to something new.  I’m going to start Making It Up tonight.  I loved Moon Tiger.  Read Moon Tiger.  Hopefully it doesn’t take me to the dust bowl or anywhere near where pioneers pushed westward.  I mostly read Heat to break out of the weird geographical rut that reading Angle of Repose got me into.

Have a terrific weekend with many adventures!


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