Thursday, February 16th, 2012


Several weeks ago, I submitted an application for tickets to a taping of the Martha Stewart Show… and I got one!  And not just any show, mind you, the baby shower show.  So I hopped a train to NYC on Tuesday.  The only sad part was that I only got one ticket and not the two I requested.  Me and Shannon were supposed to go together.  It was going to be awesome but it wasn’t meant to be.  It’s ok though.  Even though I could have talked for the entirety of the 2.5 hour train ride it was nice to have some solitude too.  The train is so, so nice.

The show airs tomorrow on Hallmark so I’ll wait until then to tell you about all the loot.  Mostly because I’m too tired/lazy and hopefully by then she’ll post a great big picture of everything on her website.  It was totally worth the trip even if it did feel a little bit dirty.  LOTS of advertising.  Also, I’ve never been to a taping before so I have no experience with being “warmed up” as an audience and the whole clap now, keep clapping thing is kind of weird.
You know, of course, that I went to Mood while I was there.  Mood and The City Quilter.  Both of them are within walking distance of Penn station though in opposite directions.  I barely scratched the surface of Mood.  I only ran through one of three floors in a smash and grab kind of a shopping excursion.  I need to go back with more time to sift through the buttons and trims.  It was great though.  The people were so nice and Don was totally happy to be a surrogate co-shopper so I didn’t have to shop alone.

I felt like I shop there all the time.  I bought a couple of pieces of cotton and that cool retro looking knit.  In addition to the fabric I brought this back for Chase and they gave me a canvas tote that I’ll use for… I don’t know what.  Something.  It was way too much fun.  After Mood I hightailed it to the studio eating a sandwich, j-walking and feeling very New York.

The City Quilter was fun too.  They had a super, super selection of quilting cottons.  They had a smaller selection of wool felt blend and laminated fabrics.  I regret not buying the strawberry print but I just had no idea what I might possibly use it for.  I bought a couple of lengths of the fabrics that jumped out at me from Moda, Michael Miller and, my old favorite, Alexander Henry.  I went after the show so it was another smash and grab shopping experience only, this time, with my friend Andrea who rescued me and helped me carry my sacks of swag.  I probably wouldn’t have made it home without her.  She got me fed and on the train back home she did.

I had lots of good fun even if I don’t feel full recovered for the disruption in my week.  I only had two items on my list and crossed them both off, had late lunch with someone I haven’t seen in FOREVER and got a little bit of quiet time for myself.  Winning.



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