Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012


Ok, so I promised I’d follow up.  The only two things on my wantee list where a video monitor and a new stroller and I’m pleased to report that I’ve got both bases covered!  Those were definitely the highlights though I’m glad to have a nice new Boppy.  Our old one had seen it’s share of babies already.  If you watch reeeeaaallly hard you can catch a glimpse of me in the audience in the clip and you can see the full list of everything they gave away that day too.  One unexpected bonus was a gift certificate for Polarn O Pyret.  DON’T, don’t, don’t look at these clothes.  I don’t usually get all weird about clothes but, jeez, they’re cute.  I like the Skip Hop diaper bag too.  Happy baby to me :)

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