Friday, February 24th, 2012

Sewing With Kids :: The Candy Bolster

Inspired by a birthday gift me and Chase have been really exploring sewing.  This is an easy project that we took from an idea in Chase’s head, to a sketch, to a finished product in a single nap time.  It’s supposed to look like a hard candy.  The kind wrapped in cellophane with the twisted and fluted edges.  It’s a nice simple first project.  A good place to start.

We started with a rectangle of fleece measuring about 24 x 36″ but you can eyeball it.  If 36″ seems too long you can cut it down a little.  I started by folding the fabric in half lengthwise and marking off every inch or so about 3 to 5″ in from the short edge with a sharpie on the front and then every other hole on the reverse so that it was easy to see where to draw the needle in and out.  The fabric on the outside of the dots will form the candy wrapper ends so you don’t want them too long and floppy but I did trim them down a little when we were all done.

Then I threaded a needle with some embroidery floss and let her go to town.  I taped down the end of the floss so that she wouldn’t be able to pull it all the way through the fabric.  She sewed one side through the dots and then the other.  When she was all done I sewed the long sides together on my machine between the two rows of dots with a 1/2″ seam allowance and being careful not to let the threads slip out.  Then I trimmed the seam allowance and turned the whole thing right side out.

Now comes the fun part.  Cinch up one end as tightly as you can but don’t make a permanent knot yet.  Stuffing is a really easy job for little hands.

Chase stuffed it pretty well and then I helped her pack it in to make the pillow nice and comfy.  Then we tied up the other end tightly with a double knot and a bow and did the same on the other side making sure that there wasn’t any stuffing poking out.  I trimmed the edges down with pinking shears to make it pretty.

And that’s it.  Done.  All that’s left to do now is stand back and take a picture of your creative genius looking really proud.  This project was so rewarding that she made one for her sister on the same day!



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