Sunday, February 26th, 2012

Sunday Morning (PJ) Pants

Chase seems to grow taller by the day… not by the week or month.  All of a sudden she’s outgrown all her pj’s all over again.  So I got this idea to make her some out of these giant stripey knit shirts that I found at the thrift store.  The pants are made from the sleeves!

That means one seam.  One.  All you have to do is to stitch the legs together at the crotch… well, and add the waistband but I used fold over elastic so I didn’t even need to make a casing.  Here, I made a fine drawing detailing all you need to know.

1. Start with the biggest shirt you can find… for a 5-7 anyway.  I think all of mine were 2x.  The idea is that the sleeve will be about as wide as the leg of the pants.

2. Use a pair of leggings or other knit pj’s that fit your child well as a template.  You don’t even have to add seam allowances but stitch with a narrow 1/4″ seam allowance.  If the sleeve is a little wider than your template just roll with it.  I wouldn’t mess around with it too much.

3. Flip one leg inside out and slip one tube inside the other so that right sides are facing.

4. Stitch the crotch seam making sure to line up any existing seams.
5. Measure the waistband by wrapping the elastic snugly around the wearer’s waist and adding enough so that you can overlap the ends when you sew the band together.  Pin the band on in a couple of places evenly spaced and sew it on with a zig zag stitch stretching as you go.  You want to stretch the elastic rather than the knit though some stretching is inevitable.  I increased my stitch length slightly to cut down on this.

6. Pat yourself on the back cause you just sewed a stack of new pj’s in like 10 minutes.  And as the recipient you can reward yourself by watching an episode of Word Girl and lie around fondling your gold bricks and beads.  That’s what everybody does on Sundays right?  She’s totally got it down.

I worked on one other fast project over the weekend.  I found this cute little whicker chair and table.  We are soooo close to ready to move out of that crib that I can taste it.  Avery “fell” out the other night and is suddenly all about “doing it herself” so I can see the end drawing near.  This little seating area will take it’s place.  So I made a little cushion for the chair using a piece of linen from the Heather Ross Far Far Away II Line from Kokka.  Rapunzel!  We are all very excited for it to move upstairs.  I think I have just the right fabric for a couple of throw cushions too.

I’ve been on a real roll lately, maybe because all of these projects are completed from a seated position which happens to be my preference at the moment.

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