Friday, March 2nd, 2012

Risk Averse

So this is a post about how completely opposite my children are, some vintage finds and how I’m generally powerless against their cuteness.  I picked up this Sesame Street game a few weeks ago.  The object of the game is to be the first to get around the short course.  You move by picking a token out of the pouch.  The challenge is that you can keep moving and taking turns as long as you are pulling out green tokens but if you pull out a red token you have to move backwards all the way to the nearest stoplight and lose all your gains.  Chase plays to win… on every turn she pulled tokens until she was forced to move back.  Avery, on the other hand, stopped after each move.  It’s a fun game and we all had a good time.

How are they so different?  They’re so funny to watch.  Avery eats salad, Chase not so much.  Avery loves grownup type beverages, (black) tea, coke, anything you’re drinking is good enough for her.  Chase, doesn’t touch the stuff.  It doesn’t matter who’s drinking it.  I love to watch their personalities and tastes unfold.

A gift that I brought home from Martha that I didn’t mention was a pack of chalk… I mean why would I mention a box of chalk?  But as it turns out it’s coming in handy.  I found this little Fisher Price desk with all the magnets and cards that go with it.  It sits on top of the desk in their room and the girls love to use it.  I can’t pass up a good vintage Fisher Price toy.  I just can’t.

The last bit is a nighties, we’re building up quite a collection.  A) the word nightie is super cute especially when a two year old says it.  B) little girls in nighties are super cute.  This one has puffed sleeves, lace trim and goes all the way to her ankles.  It’s probably the best one I’ve found yet.  I love it.  C) I am powerless against the cuteness.  Powerless.  Avery’s taking a lesson from her Chasey-sister-best-friend and learning to strike a pose for pictures.


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