Sunday, March 4th, 2012

Field Trip :: Hampton National Historic Site

Chase has her first taste of junior ranger-ing this past summer at the Outer Banks.  Now she’s all about collecting badges.  We drove out to Hampton today because I’ve always been curious about what it is.  And by drove out I mean we drove beyond the places we usually go by about half a mile… maybe less.  We’ve just never visited before which is kind of crazy because a) it’s pretty cool and b) we practically drive by it all the time and c) it’s totally free. 

Hampton is impressive.  It’s a fully outfitted Georgian Mansion.  Something like 90% of the interior furnishings are original to the home.  It’s like being inside my dream dollhouse.  Chase really enjoyed the tour and the junior ranger activities… Avery could take it or leave it.  There’s something about park rangers and kids though.  The guy who ran our tour did a great job of including Chase but not making her uncomfortable and pointing out the highlights that would be of particular interest to her like a portrait of a little girl painted to look like Little Red Riding Hood.

The estate was vast… it still is by our standards but in it’s heyday included White Marsh!  We spent a good part of the morning there and only explored the house and the ice storage well nearby it (also worth a peek just to see how far down it goes).  We never even made it over to the farm buildings but will probably go back sometime soon to check it out.  It would be a great place to spend a morning and to have a picnic lunch.

There were lots of pretty and inspirational things in the house.  I took a couple of shots.  Check out those nesting tables.  I will find my nesting tables.  I will.  Nesting tables are exactly what we need to solve our coffee table conundrum.  I want a table when I want it and to be able for it to be safely stowed away when I don’t.

The drawing room also had this fabulous shade painted with a peacock.  I don’t think I could every accomplish something as stunning with a roller shade but, man, so pretty!
I’ll never put up wallpaper but I loved something about these colors.  Maybe it reminds me of this sweet little Alexander Henry print I had once.  I couldn’t throw any of the scraps away.  I probably still have some.

We had a really good time and if the weather was nicer probably would have hung around a little longer.  We had a great time and I’m looking forward to going back and seeing what we missed.

Are there other cool places in my own backyard that we’re missing out on?

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