Friday, March 9th, 2012

I Really Wanted To Write Something

Not that I did anything of particular note today, saw anything particularly funny or have anything even remotely clever to say.  I didn’t even take any pictures.  The battery in my camera has been dead for at least two days.  

So all I have is one blurry picture of my baby drinking up all of my tea.  She even has the nerve to tell ME not to drink it all up.  Clearly she finds the whole business amusing.

I always have such high hopes for Friday nights.  And while the evening wasn’t a total loss (we had a fun dinner out, I made the scones I wanted and I’m getting this post done) I still haven’t loaded the dishwasher with the dishes from breakfast or the scones.

Maybe I’ll just stack ’em neatly, get a good night’s rest and try again tomorrow.  Yes, add in one more scone (midnight snack, you know) and that sounds like a plan.

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