Saturday, March 10th, 2012

Book Report :: Making It Up

I finished reading Penelope Lively’s novel a couple of weeks ago.  She calls it an exercise in confabulation.  Or an exploration of the stories that exist between her memoirs and what her life might have been.  I usually don’t like short stories but because each of these was prefaced with her personal experience and her imaginings about how it might have ended differently I felt like there was a thread of continuity woven through all the stories even though they were meant to stand alone.  I didn’t like it quite as much as Moon Tiger but I do enjoy her writing and I liked this book too.  

I also read The Girl’s Guide To Hunting and Fishing.  Good quick reading.  I was intrigued by the way it was written in the first person but when I was thinking back about it I wasn’t sure if it was first person or not… I’m still not sure but it’s an interesting aspect of the main character’s personality.  It’s like a looking for Mr. Right in your 30’s story that’s the opposite of Bridget Jones.  Have you read it?  Is that a fair characterization?

After that I picked up The All-True Adventures Of Lidie Newton.  I always enjoy Jane Smiley’s books and love to read historical fiction.  So even though I’m pressing westward once again this time I’m going in a river boat up the Mississippi with a damn abolitionist and a trunkful of pistols.  So far so good.

Next up I have a little stack of classics that I got as a gift last weekend.  They’re sitting on my bedside table right now looking pretty and making me look smart.  Bonus.  The picture up there is from a book I found today.  The Modern ABC Book by C. B. Falls.  There’s not even anything to link to.  It’s that old.  1930 to be exact and it’s full of lithographs like these ones.  I is for irrigation.  I might have gasped when I looked inside the nondescript university binding and found this.  They remind me of WPA posters.

I also found a copy of Peter Pan from the 50’s with really sweet illustrations.  I was really excited about it! Then when I got it home I discovered that if you flip it over it’s also an awesome copy of Alice in Wonderland!  I’m looking forward to reading this one.

Are you reading anything good?

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