Monday, March 19th, 2012

Slow Picture Week

Everyday for the last three at least I’ve promised myself to take a picture of… something… anything.  Part of the problem is that the battery in my camera is dead. It’s a problem.  I need to fix that.  

In the meantime I took some pictures with my phone.  Well, with my mind really since when I when I went to upload those pictures I took they weren’t there.  Who knows what I did.  I really have to get my mojo back.

The girls have been playing outside in the good weather.  They’re getting it.  I took this picture of them standing together in a giant beach bucket and peeking in the window right before they fell over backwards.  They’re still working on figuring things out and I try to stay out of it.  Except when the ow, Ow, OW! Starts.

Seriously?  Sometimes I wish Chase would just handle her business instead of repeating ow 15 times each time her sister pulls her hair.  It’s kind of like our cats.  When Avery was little I almost wished one of them would just swat at her once and put an end to the tail pulling forever but like the tail pulling this will pass… right?  Eventually?

I’m not feeling so hot.  I can’t tell what it’s related to but I’m kind of hoping that it’s just random and that feeling good resumes in short order.  I need all my faculties about me while I alternately freak out about how little time we have between now and May and how much we have to do (hello taxes?) and how HUGE and ENORMOUS I am and still have 8 weeks to go.  That kind of freaking out requires serious concentration.

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