Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Comfort Food

So I still haven’t charged my camera battery but I’m giving myself a pass because it’s mostly because I’m still feeling under the weather.  You know when you can feel the giant circles under your eyes?  I feel like that.  There’s a little tickle in my throat and I’m tired and I can’t. stop. complaining.

My biggest complaint is about food.  I’m so tired of eating food.  Coming up with things to eat all day long is tiresome.  I’m hungry but have no appetite.  Nothing appeals to me.  Makes mealtimes fun.  Lots of fun.

I managed to throw together some mac and cheese for dinner.  Mac and cheese and fruit salad.  With hot sauce (for the mac and cheese not the fruit salad).  Something finally hit the spot!  Hit the spot so well that there’s one serving left that I’m reasonably certain won’t last until tomorrow.  Success!  And I’m happy… until I have to do it all over again tomorrow.

What else is going on?  While I think this song is catchy and easy to listen to but the day that one of my children asks me what it means to come out of a “lady hole” is the day I refer them to the WTMD pledge line for more information.  Honestly, the questions will come do they need the encouragement?

I steamed green beans for dinner last night and when I described said vegetable as beans Avery was indignant.  She was emphatic that they were certainly NOT beans.  And while she agreed that they were tasty and ate them she refused to refer to them by their name.  Beans, apparently, should only be of the black and pinto varieties.

 One day I’ll be into coffee again and when that day comes I’ll be brewing a batch of this iced coffee.
Pomegranate limeade from Trader Joe’s?  Get some.
That’s it.  Now for a cup of tea and to try again tomorrow.

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