Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

Get In My Belly

I sit here writing this while I wait for my baked apples to finish up in the oven.  Today was better than yesterday.  I got some work done, went to the doctor ALONE, treated myself to lunch AND made dinner without too much fussing.

So, as usual, with eight weeks to go I’ve hit the average 30lbs and am still going strong but no one seems to be worried about it, least of all me.  Also, as usual, my iron is low.  Hopefully the supplements will give me some pep though I can’t recall them ever making much of a difference in the past.  I could use the pep.

I didn’t want to make dinner but I did it.  Simple flank steak and grilled veg for tacos.  It was the idea I went into the kitchen with but I was glad to find limes and avocados to go with it and we cracked open the bottle of (not quite) hot sauce that our neighbor brought us back from Costa Rica.  Chase looked at me and asked if we could have the same thing again tomorrow though she ate her tacos deconstructed.  So overall dinner was a success!  My spirits were buoyed by the tastiness and the special request for a repeat.  But still, what will we eat tomorrow??

For dessert I made baked apples for me and Ben.  Baked apples and apple crisp are two desserts I can make without a recipe.  Using up apples when we have too many and finishing off a container with one scoop of ice cream?  Bonus.

Right now I have 20 self-cover buttons and a plan.  I have to fill you in on that tomorrow.

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