Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Sweaty Heads

85 degrees in March?  I’m already sleeping in shorts and a tank.  This perfectly-timed-to-beat-the -heat pregnancy thing isn’t exactly working out.  The windows are open, I’m down to just the sheet.  I mean, honestly.  I can’t pare it down very much more.

Today, after a long dirty day at school, Avery woke up from her nap today sweaty and grouchy.  We had to take the ceiling fan out of the girls’ room when we put up the loft bed.  We’re already missing it.

So we did the next best thing and enjoyed some cold tart popsicles on the porch to cool off.


Chase told some silly stories.

It mostly worked :)

PS Guess who wore a ponytail ALL day?

AND guess who figured out that the purple popsicles make the best “lipstick”?

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