Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Found :: Green and Fuzzy

I spotted this one day at the thrift store.  I almost never find interesting art.  Is it a stretch to call this art?  It hangs on the wall anyway and I fell in love right away.  I’ve been wanting to get rid of some too cutesy prints that I bought when Chase was a baby and this was exactly right.  

There were only a few problems.  The first was the hideous brown frame.  I wish I’d taken a true before.  I painted the frame white but it started out very much like the paneling that the canvas is wrapped around.

The second problem is that, while the green is perfect, the orange isn’t exactly right.  So I got this idea that I would make it a little patchwork-like by adding a variety of covered buttons over the orange centers.  Not my best planning.  I bought the buttons.  That took almost a week.  I picked out some fabrics.  That took nearly another week.  And I’m still undecided about what to do next.  Plus, now there are a few new problems.

I can’t figure out whether it looks better with or without the buttons.  I used the backs without shanks and now I can’t figure out how to stick them on without permanently damaging the original… especially since I don’t know which was I like it better.  Thoughts?  Is there some kind of temporary adhesive that could work?

Weigh in.  I want second and third and fourth opinions.

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