Friday, March 30th, 2012

Spring Break? Yes, Please!

My viewing selections for tonight include two old episodes of 30 Rock, two episodes of Jacques and Julia Cooking At Home and two episodes of The Golden Girls because it’s been that kind of day.  Emotionally I feel a little stretched a little thin.  Nothing major but then again it doesn’t take much.  I got so many lovely gifts today.  Sweet gifts.  The kind that make you cry.  You know, ugly cry in a room full of people.  A photobook?  Pass the kleenex.

AND baby cat is sick.  He’s spending the weekend at the vet getting fluids and antibiotics.  It took me like a day and a half to figure it out, poor guy.  He’s 12 you know.  That blows my mind a little too.  I say all kinds of terrible things about my pets and they totally do drive me crazy… except for Francis.  I try not to play favorites but, who am I kidding, he’s my favorite.  But he’s getting better and he’ll be looked after all weekend so at least I won’t have to worry.  I’m so glad they saw him today.

Dinner was a mess.  Bedtime was kind of crazy.  The girls were so tired.  But that’s it.  Then I had some ice cream.  I’m done complaining.  Here’s something cool.  Sometimes Chase’s paper play comes in waves.  Remember all the paper dolls?  That went on for a long time.

Now that she’s picked up the tape and scissors again she’s trying out some new things.  Today she folded and taped the paper into a three dimensional shape.  I was pretty impressed by her work.  Everything started to unravel shortly after this so I didn’t get to ask her what she was working on so I’m really not sure where this is going to go.  What’s she going to use these for?

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