Sunday, April 1st, 2012


We did it up right this time.  No birthday parties or conferences or anything.  Well, you know what we did yesterday.    Today we got a late start… Chase didn’t get out of bed until 9:00!  9:00!  That might be normal at your house but definitely not here.  Even Avery slept until 7:30 which isn’t sleeping in but isn’t waking up early either.  I’ll take it.

I want to try this egg dyeing project with silk ties so we all went tie hunting this morning.  All of us!  We found some cool stuff.  Sunday is half price day at our local thrift store.  We found a linen tea towel from William Shakespeare’s birthplace that I want to frame, a back-up Pyrex butter dish (because I break the fortnightly), a set of super cool yellow canisters for the kitchen and a vintage Fisher Price cash register (I had one!) and record player (two bucks! is that funny Erin or what?!) and a Care Bear frosty mug for Avery.

The toys are fun.  You can use the register as a register, a sorter, or a home for Thumbelina whatever you need it to be.   We brought home some cool ties too.  It’s spring break this week so we’ll be working on that egg project some time this week but it might be a few days before I can bring myself to blow out and eat another dozen eggs.

We spent the afternoon playing in the sandbox and wandering around downtown.  Then we ate yummy burgers here.  All in all an excellent weekend!

I even squeezed in a little sewing but mostly because Ben was holding my feet to the fire on the broken mini blinds on our front door.  I was thinking up some kind of patchwork something to go there but there was no time for that so I pulled out a couple of pieces and smashed them together.  I’m happy with the result but it lets in a lot less light than broken mini blinds.  It sure does look better though.  Now all I have to do is take down the snowman gel clings in time for Easter and we’re all set.

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