Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Almost Easter

Easter is exciting around here.  Mainly because we have family come into town but we’re having fun doing a little bit of decoration too.  Fresh Market, hands down, has the best selection of Easter treats for a super market.  That’s where we found these little cuties.  Sugar eggs!  The girls love them.  I knew there was no way I was getting back there on my own before the weekend so, unfortunately, Chase was on the scene with me and I decided to just buy them anyway.  We put them under a cloche on the dining room table and I see now that there’s a note in there asking the Easter Bunny to please hide them anyway.  Sweet girl.

I threw away a bag of Valentine’s candy today or maybe yesterday and decided at that moment that I’m not going crazy over Easter.  This year I’m only buying what can be eaten in one day.  It’s looking like one tiny bunny and some jellybeans.  That’s it and I’m not getting sucked in to buying giant packages this year either.  I’ll buy by the ounce at the peanut stand at Belvedere Square I think.  No need for individual wrapping if we’re talking about same day eating, right?  I also bought each of them a few little (non edible) things for their Easter baskets real sneaky like while Chase played with the Wedgits at Amuse.
How’s spring break going at your house?  We’re not getting anything much done and at the same time don’t have enough time to do everything.  How does that work out?  What are we spending all of our time on?  Of course by we I really mean me.  It looks like a tornado hit this place but what else is new.  The weekend will be here soon enough I suppose one way or another.

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