Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

Today Was Not So Hot

This morning was gray, it rained, I dragged my butt (Avery’s words) around the house trying to make sure everyone was getting to where they needed to be on time.  It was hard.  It felt like I skipped my dose of iron except I hadn’t.  We did it though and somehow ended up being early and having to wait around for Avery’s class to start.  Errands never seem to take as long as you think they will when you allow for ample time.

I had a weird list of random items that I needed to pick up.  A single D battery, a box of cereal and a new homework folder.  Target’s not far but I didn’t necessarily allow *that* much time for errand running.  I used to go out of my way to go wherever I was going to find the best price.  You would never have caught me buying batteries at the grocery store but, you know, convenience matters and I like to think that I’m doing my part by shopping in my neighborhood.  I didn’t end up at Safeway though.  I wasn’t 100% that they’d have folders and Chase NEEDED that folder.  So I opted for CVS.  Every single time I go in there I’m floored by how much STUFF they have in there.  Anyway.  I got all three items on my list and it only took 12 minutes… which is how I ended up being so early for gym.

In any event, have you been to CVS lately?  Last time I thought maybe they ran out of plastic bags but it seems that they have an all paper policy.  My next thought was isn’t it funny how at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s the paper bags are a trademark of shopping at an upscale and/or environmentally aware retailer but at CVS it’s retro.  Cause that’s what my first impression was.  How cute.  The pharmacy wraps your package in a discreet paper bag.  I dunno.  I guess that was a lot of words about paper bags and the pharmacy.

So, we managed to get there (way ahead of) on time and Avery did her class during which I had a small, possibly caffeine fueled, burst of productivity but then it was all tired, tired, so grey outside again.  Sorry, but I’ll try not to make a habit of holding you captive while I go on and on about how tired I am.  It’s just that it’s all to say that my poor cat’s health is not improving.  In fact, it’s getting worse and so I capped off my day with *that* trip to the vet.  Well, maybe not *that* trip but it’s imminent.  He’s back home with us for the time being but it looks like it won’t be for long.  Saddest face.

My friends know that I joke all the time about biding my time until these freeloading pets of ours kick the bucket.  Except that I actually like Francis.  He’s pretty cuddly.  I have no scientific evidence to back this up but I think that you can calculate life expectancy of a pet using a formula of something like:

Yrs. life expectancy = craziness x capacity to annoy

And so, it seems, that Teenie will live forever.  Did I tell you about how she ate an entire chocolate bunny this easter?  Yeah she did.  She weighs all of 10 pounds and yet it had virtually no effect on her.

Hey, wow.  Thanks for listening.  I feel a little bit better right now.  Also.  note that our yogurt expires on my due date.  4 weeks.

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