Thursday, April 19th, 2012

(Interim) Book Report :: Playborhood

So a while ago I posted about this book on facebook.  My lovely friend Courtney ordered it and shared it with me.  I spent a little time perusing and I’ve got to say that, so far, I’m not impressed.  The thing is I can’t identify with the uber-privileged life that the author (and his children enjoy).  Seriously?  I’m sure there are some good ideas in there but, frankly, I just don’t care about what you did in Palo Alto.He’s already lost me.  I had the same reaction to Bill Buford’s memoir Heat.  Who cares about what your well connected and comfortably established self was able to achieve?

I’ll keep reading, it looks like there’s some more promising info a little further into the text.  Part of the problem is that once I decide that I can’t identify with the author I pretty much discount what they have to say entirely.  Like, why should I care about this guy’s ideas?  I have ideas too, nobody’s publishing them.  There are hardly any footnotes.  I’d love to know where he’s coming up with all of his info.  But maybe it will turn around.  I’ll keep you posted.

Yeah, so that picture has nothing to do with this book.  I think there was something else that I wanted to talk about but I can’t remember what it was anymore.  What else is new :)

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