Saturday, April 21st, 2012

My Curtain!

I didn’t adequately supervise the installation and so it’s not actually hanging where it was intended to go but I like it!  I’ll just have to be a little smarter about how I use the remaining three napkins to make the other curtain.  I guess this next one will have to be more authentically patchwork.  I just don’t have that much material left to work with but have a whole other window to cover.  

I’m so excited about this project though! I think it makes a big difference in the kitchen.  And, bonus, it was so fast!  Ben put it up for me last night so seeing it in action first thing this morning made me so happy.  That made me happy and the giant load of junk that he took over to the dumpster.  That made me happy too.  Oh so happy.

Once I have curtains I’ll just need to get to work on my awesome tile backsplash and maybe some new paint.  Hahahaahaha.  I think I’ll just be satisfied with the curtains.

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