Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

KCWC Spring 2012 : Day 3

I just tried to click on the link I posted last night and it was broken… so I guess you have no idea what I was thinking about.  I was thinking about a upcycled Care Bears sweatshirt for Avery inspired by this one.  

It was quick but a lot of work at the same time.  The only serviceable shirt I could find was sized 12 months.  It mostly fit but… not really.  So I used the leftover shirt bits from the pants.  You can see where I added length in the arms and at the waist and hood.  The hood was hard.  Tim Gunn would say that it’s looking a little tortured at the neckline but I’m done with it.  I’ve done all I can.  I had to extend the hood because she had a little bit of a Cornholio situation going on.

Ben commented that at this point I might as well have just made a sweatshirt for all the modifications I made.  Maybe.  But still it was quick.  I might still put some stripey fabric in the ears.  Maybe maybe not.  She’s REALLY happy with it!  That’s what counts right?   Avery love-a-lot bear :)

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