Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

37 weeks… and counting

I only had one big goal today.  Take one photo.  I managed to do it but just barely.  I snapped this picture of the girls eating strawberry ice cream with my phone this afternoon.  Warm afternoons often end in strawberry ice cream cones.  Avery needs to practice until she gets that you eat the cones from the top down.  We’re working on it.

Meanwhile, even though I didn’t aim particularly high, I did manage to clean 50% of our bathrooms today.  Part of me wishes we had more bathrooms so that figure looked a little better but the other part of me knows that I couldn’t handle cleaning any more bathrooms.

I also managed to get a better insurance rate and to map out our new budget post refi and student loan consolidation.  I’m getting all my ducks in a row, ha!  I might just stay up late and finish printing out our tax forms so that I can ship those off and cross that off my list too.  I just might.  But only if I haven’t just derailed myself by sitting down and writing this.  Did I mention that I’m officially 37 weeks today?!  It’s true.

Oh, wait, but look at this.  I broke my awesome pyrex pitcher that I used for making iced tea but I finally found a replacement!  The trick is to find a pitcher that’s heat safe.  This is a coffee pot I think.  It came with a little trivet sort of a thing with an insert for a candle… like a fondue pot so it should be fine with the boiling water.  It’s Pyrex too.  It’s cool.  I love it.  Now to keep from smashing it into a million pieces.

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